Dec 152014

Have you wondered what are the tools of the trade for daily fantasy basketball players? Wonder no more. Below is the list of the tools that I have found to be useful. Best of all, every one of the tools listed here is free.

Hollinger’s Team Statistics at ESPN

Daily fantasy basketball is all about opportunities to get points. In general, the faster a team plays, the more possession it will have during a game, which leads to more fantasy point opportunities. This site lists the pace of all NBA teams in the current season. The most useful columns are PACE, OFF EFF (Offense Efficiency), and DEF EFF (Defense Efficiency). PACE is the number of positions each team has on average over a game. Offense Efficiency is the number of points scored per 100 positions, and Defense Efficiency is the number of points given up per 100 positions.

When you are drafting your daily fantasy basketball team, you’ll want to target players on teams that has a high PACE number and good offense efficiency, and is playing a team with a bad defense efficiency.

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Sep 292014

Today is the last day of the 2014 baseball regular season, which marks the end of the fantasy baseball 2014 as well. This is a good time to start preparing for the 2015 fantasy baseball season by looking at who has been hot in September. Often, a hot September is a good indication that a player will have a fine season next year.

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Aug 292014

Those who drafted Josh Gordon last season were handsomely rewarded for that choice. He racked up 1,646 receiving yards, which was 147 yards higher than the next highest total, in only 14 games Unfortunately, this year it’s not possible to draft Josh Gordon as he is suspended for the year. Who will be 2014′s breakout player like Josh Gordon was last year? Here are 3 candidates:

Golden Tate

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Jul 112014

After the Netherlands lost to Argentina in penalty kicks in the 2014 World Cup semi-finals, the Netherlands coach generated some controversy by saying that the match would be meaningless and that the match should never be played.

In the US, currently no major professional leagues or college playoff tournaments host a 3rd-place game. There has been some notable precedences in the US, though:

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Jul 102014

Germany’s route of Brazil in the 2014 World Cup semifinals reminded Me of Rout 66, which is the nickname given to a 1997 college football game where UCLA beat Texas by a score of 66-3 (how many college football games actually gets a unique nickname?) For videos of that game, you can click here and here. For the box score of the game, you can click here.

In addition to the improbable scores, there were a number of similarities between the two games:

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Jun 142014

The Los Angeles Kings have just won the Stanley Cup by beating the New York Rangers by a score of 3-2 in double overtime.

Many of the players on the current squad also played on the ’12 squad. But the similarities really end there. The ’12 team breezed through the playoffs while setting all kinds of playoff records, including 10 straight road wins, a 16-4 record, and being the first eighth-seeded team to win the Stanley Cup. That year, Jonathan Quick was incredible in the playoffs, as he had a .946 save percentage and his goal-against average was a miniscule 1.41. That goal-against average was the best by a Stanley Cup-winning goalie since the playoffs became best 4 out of 7 in all four rounds.

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Apr 302014

Today the NBA handed out a severe penalty to Donald Sterling, banning him from the league for life. The commissioner didn’t have direct authority to force Sterling to sell the team — That requires 75% of the owners to approve. Judging from where things stand, I would be surprised that there is a single owner who would not vote to remove Sterling. The reason is simple: Whoever doesn’t vote to remove Sterling (yes, even by not casting a vote either way) would draw the players’ and the public’s wrath, and that’s just too much for any owner to take.

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Jan 202014

The matchup for Super Bowl XLVII (48) has been set: Seattle Seahawks vs Denver Broncos.

The two teams are very different — Denver is known as an offensive team, while Seattle is known for its defense. Both were #1 seeds heading into the playoffs, making this the first time since 2009 (and second time since 1993) that we have a #1 vs #1 in the Super Bowl.

Here’s how I see the matchups:

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Jan 162014

After going 4-0 in the Divisional Round last week, I am now 7-1 in my predictions in the 2014 NFL playoffs. This has been a very interesting year in that never before has the style of the two conferences been so different. Both participants in the NFC Championship game have a strong defense, while both offenses are average at best. On the AFC side, both teams in the Championship game have a pretty good offense, and the defense on both teams ranks in the bottom half of the league. Regardless of which teams make it to the Super Bowl, the contrast in style will be something to watch out for in the Big Game.

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Jan 082014

The 2014 Wild Card round is over, and 3 of the 4 games came down to the wire. My predictions went 3-1, with the only miss coming from San Diego’s win over Cincinnati. Below are my predictions for the 4 games in the Divisional Round:

San Francisco 49ers @ Carolina Panthers

Carolina has the 2nd-ranked defense in the league. Its offense, on the other hand, is pretty pedestrian at 26th, despite the presence of Cam Newton. The Panthers ranked only 29th in passing, while Cam Newton’s running helped the rushing offense to rank 11th in the league.

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